Regardless of our politics, it’s clear that, as a nation, credible information has now become a hot commodity — but the method of delivery and placement are key.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, it’s no longer enough to send out a press release under the familiar stamp of your logo. With so many doubting the validity of the news and announcements they read in their social media feeds; or the press releases they receive in their inbox, it’s become necessary to create another method of reaching la gente — and it’s called GritoBlast!

GritoBlast!  is an app that disrupts the traditional processes of news and information delivery.  It is the main component of a three-part media release strategy that ensures your message is DELIVERED, RECEIVED, and most importantly, READ!

GritoBlast! is a media property of Treviño TodaMedia, a Latina-founded digital media company with 16 years experience in creating high-quality, Latino-centric content.

With GritoBlast!, you can submit your content via app or web site and see your distribution channels multiplied.

With your help, GritoBlast! can be the premier source where people looking for authentic, authoritative information can find it and be assured that it’s not ‘fake news.’