Only several hours left to vote for winning design for American Latino Museum Design Contest

Only several hours left to vote for winning design for American Latino Museum Design Contest

Posted by on May 8, 2015 in Art, General

Only several hours left to vote for winning design for American Latino Museum Design Contest

GritoBlast! — The Friends of the American Latino Museum (FRIENDS), a 501(c)3 exclusively committed to advancing the creation of a national American Latino Museum in our nation’s capital, will conclude voting on its 4th annual design contest tomorrow and announce the winner on Monday. Already, the design contest has revealed the incredible talent in the Latino community with entries from professional and burgeoning artists all over the nation.

The contest was announced last month and of the many submissions, six finalists were selected by the Board of the FRIENDS. Thousands of members of the public have already voted on the below finalists at

Voting will close on Friday, May 8, 2015 11:59pm PST. Winners will be posted on their facebook page.

Vote Today #LatinoDesign

JuliaBustamante_smallJulia Bustamante (Phoeniz, AZ): “My design was created to reflect freedom, positive energy, celebration, inspiration, tradition and culture. I absolutely, with all my heart, love what I do! I put my heart and passion into every design I create. I’m a single mother of a 3 year old daughter, who inspires me every day to keep pushing through any hurdles I am faced with. I focus on the blessings in life and I love making people happy with whatever I create for them. There is always a purpose and always a meaning with everything I create. It would truly be an honor to be a part of something so incredibly powerful. I am truly grateful to be a finalist.”

JoseCobian_smallJose Cobian (San Diego, CA): “I was born in Ciudad Guzman in Jalisco Mexico, and have lived in San Diego, California for the last 20 years. My design has an open, historical, look, and it reflects the strong fundamentals of our ancestors’ culture. Our ancestors are warriors and soldiers for our families with a great vision of life. Rather than colors of flags, I am placing our representative value in the symbol of folklore. The poster is 80% hand drawn and was done with a matching process of my illustration.”

Hello_Futbol_smallSteve Alfaro (Washington, D.C.): “One day we will get a museum for our community on the National Mall, it will be a place where we will talk about those Latinos who inspire us. In this piece I am organizing those future conversations in a visual way that represents where they will live one day which is on the National Mall in Washington D.C.”

RobertCastaneda_smallRobert Castaneda (San Antonio, TX): “Come this June of 2015, I will be the first in my family to receive a degree (Associates of Applied Science/Graphic Design). I have been studying media arts for the past 9 years. I’ve studied in Film, Graphic Design, and Motion Graphics. I found my passion for the arts from a nonprofit program called SAYSI. I grew up in a low income family and the opportunities I’ve been able to experience have proven that hard work and dedication can have an impact on your life. I came up with the design “Latinos Who Inspire” because I wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for some of these very influential Latinos. Depicted in my design from right to left are Cesar Chavez, the Latino-American civil rights activist. Cristina Saralegui, the “Oprah” of Spanish speaking media. Franklin Chang Diaz, the first Hispanic astronaut. These Latinos in particular have inspired me with all of their contributions to our Hispanic culture. All of their hard work and achievements have proven that dedication and drive can make a difference. The design and colors embrace the Latino culture. The powerful Latino icons depicted in my design are mysterious. They provoke the viewer with curiosity and the urge to satisfy the need to know who they are of. The faceless icons also allow the viewer to see themselves and to feel INSPIRED!”

FranciscoRomero_smallFrancisco Romero (Anthony, TX): “With a Graphic Design and Interior Decorator Degree, I migrated to the United States several years ago. I began my career as artist whit a unique style and influences from both cultures that I acquired from living on the border. Growing up between USA and Mexico has filled me with gratification and learning….My painting” Los Niños” which to me children represent the worlds future…..when someone migrates to another country you bring the colors, flavors and culture from the place where you were born, the ribbons represent the different branches of art…. taking the colors you brought, to your new home USA, and the dove is a symbol of freedom.”

CandyTOrres_smallCandy Torres (Houston, TX): “I view myself as an explorer and storyteller. I grew up hearing the stories of my parents who were born in Puerto Rico and grew up in Harlem during the Great Depression. Before women were even allowed to apply to be astronauts, I wanted to be one so I joined Civil Air Patrol as a teenager to get a start on her aerospace education. I learned how to fly an airplane before I learned to drive a car. Eventually, I earned my pilot’s license. I moved to Houston in 1984 to work at the NASA-Johnson Space Center to develop software for the Space Shuttle flight controllers. Throughout my life I have always created art. Like da Vinci, I never separated art, science, and technology in my life. My design illustrates the connection between past and present with an eye towards the unseen future. The background is our home: Earth in the Milky Way galaxy. Ancient symbols represent constellations from a Latino perspective. Artifacts from the past seem to be the designs for future exploration. The astronaut portrait in the foreground is Puerto Rican astronaut, Joe Acaba, from a more detailed portrait I created.”