BookGrito: Former Latino Georgia politician debuts a ‘fantastical’ first novel

BookGrito: Former Latino Georgia politician debuts a ‘fantastical’ first novel

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BookGrito: Former Latino Georgia politician debuts a ‘fantastical’ first novel
GritoBlast!   When former Georgia legislator Sam Zamarripa co-founded the “The Essential Economy Council,” a nonprofit dedicated to providing credible, local research and data on the economic value of a segment of workers who perform low-skilled, often manual, yet essential, work in Georgia, many of his fellow Georgians were pleasantly surprised and energized at having his  cunning mind and voice in the public arena once again.

Sam Zamarripa

Several weeks ago, Sam surprised everyone yet again with the debut of his first novel “The Spectacle of Let: The Oliet and The Obit.”

“The Spectacle of Let – The Oliet and Obit” is the untold story of a one-word poem that reimagines the marvel of Creation. A nudge to the Latin American literary tradition of magical realism.

“The Spectacle of Let – the Oliet and Obit” weaves the tales of Niva Miramontes into a fantastic journey to redemption that spans across geographies, cultures, and time.

Already in the top 20 of Amazon, Sam’s debut with Floricanto Press, is a distinctive and unique contribution to Latin American literature; a contemporary American voice within a narrative fiction that merges real world settings with fantastical elements and stories.

“Writers love words, or at least the feelings and emotions behind them. I love the idea that one day a word I coined will be in the dictionary. You know, an “oliet” can appear to be more than just one thing” says Sam.

“The Spectacle of Let – the Oliet and Obit” is available on Amazon. A curated playlist is recommended and available to download at the author’s site.

The second book in the series, “The Spectacle of Let–the Soul of a Miracle,” along with a companion lexicon, is scheduled to be released later in the year.

Samuel Zamarripa is a business executive, entrepreneur and author.  Zamarripa was the first Hispanic elected to the State Senate of Georgia, serving two terms and representing the City of Atlanta. Zamarripa served as the Secretary of the State Economic Development Committee and member of the committees on Insurance, Science & Technology and Transportation. He has a long history of public service and commitment to the Hispanic/Latino community in Georgia.
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